Comedy Fight Club

Comedy Fight Club

1st Rule of Comedy Fight Club: Get Laughs Or Get Shamed!
2nd Rule of Comedy Fight Club: The Crowd decides who’s funny & who SUCKS.
3rd Rule of Comedy Fight Club: Mo gets to have sex with an audience member of his choosing… Just Kidding… Unless you want to do it?

Host Mo Mandel (Conan, Chelsea Lately) pushes three competing comedians to the limit with a series of fast paced, high-energy games designed to help them land massive comedy blows on each other and whip up the baying crowd into a raucous frenzy of laughter. The crowd/audience is actively involved throughout the show, ranking by vote, the funniest to least funny comedian after every round. In the final round with the funniest comedian having been voted to safety, the remaining two comedians battle head to head for comedy survival.

Kurt Metzger - Inside Amy Schumer
Megan Neuringer - Kroll Show & @Midnight
Matt Kirshen - Jimmy Fallon

Tickets coming soon!

Comedy Fight Club is taping in Hollywood, CA on September 17th. Please submit your information below and we will notify you when tickets are released.

Studio Information

CBS Television City-Fairfax gate
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90036

Minimum Age:18+

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