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Bobbi White Don't believe this works. BOGUS!

Kristen Shoemaker I have a question. I have tickets for america's got talent coming up and its for four people, but two of them canceled. Can I still go to the event with the same ticket or will I need a new ticket, because all of the tickets are now gone. Just wanted to make sure before making the drive so if you can respond that would be great. Thanks so much

Tom Quinlin I really want front of the line / VIP for ninja warrior tonight!!!

Terrie De Mint-Perez I there anyway to get a few tickets for the American ninja warrior taping tonight in Indianapolis? Either taking would work. My son is 10 and has been watching wipeout and American warrior since he was about 2. To say he loves this show is an understatement... It would be the equivalent of meeting your favorite celebrity for him to go..a real dream come true! We hard nothing about the show coming until just today!! Thank you for any info or help with tickets!!

Keri Stucker Your website directs me here for tips for out-of-town travelers wanting to see one of the shows, but I can't find anything. I am planning a vacation specifically to go see ANW in Oklahoma City in two weeks. You haven't released the tickets yet, and I'm getting very very antsy. I've submitted my information to be informed when the tickets are released, but looking at the comments on your site, it appears as though many many people don't get the email that tells them the tickets are available and they miss out. I've tried clicking on your lottery links on Mondays, but it's always unavailable. Always. If you could just let us know when you anticipate releasing the OKC tickets, that would be a huge help.

Jessica Isaacs Since ANW in Indy is being delayed heavily due to rain, will they extend the taping and will tickets be valid for then?

Lisa Price Drove from Wichita, Kansas to Indy for Thursday 8pm ANW. (We have vouchers via my sister in Indy). Any chance we can get 3 priority seats? Please, please. please! Thanks!

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. We are still feeling that awkward moment when Len chastised Nyle on Monday! OUCH! He was KIDDING, no? What do you all think?

Tom Quinlin How do I get priority/VIP for ANW in Indy the next couple of days? Have you announced yet?

Mary Jean Is it just me or is the ticket information bogus for American Ninja Warrior in Indy?

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