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Susan Joy Muniak Question - We will be in LA on 4/27-4/29 2015, is there anyway to know if shows will be taping at that time? Also can be tickets gotten that far in advance? We are on a cruise that disembarks in LA and then need to fly back to FL. Thought we could spend time in LA if we could get tickets. Thanks

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. HAPPY FRIDAY TV FANS! Tosh.O was hilarious last night!! We're looking forward to Let's Make A Deal this weekend. Then on MONDAY....another Dancing with the Stars live show and @midnight w/ Newsreaders cast: Rob Corddry, Dannah Phirman & Alison Becker! There are still a few tickets available for some shows. Check it out! http://on-camera-audiences.com/

Pat Soffredine Lori don't be jealous.

Kim Ingold I'm assuming all ticket winners for dwts for November 3 have already been emailed out?

Mariah Ripken How early can you line up for the ticket exchange for Michael buble. Site says exchange is 2-4 but how early can you line up and how many tickets will be distributed

D Arlene Wilhite-Williams Thank you

Kathy Paskevicius Rau How early can you line up in NYC with your voucher? I know site says 2-4

Sheryl Reho Spaulding

Ellen Evans Yes, send me to LMAD

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Dancing with the Stars fans...HEADS UP! An email notification is going out today to the next people on the wait list. Be sure to check your Inbox and Junk Mail after 3:30 PM PDT

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