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About Us

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. is a full-service television audience company based in Burbank, CA. We are directly contracted by television production companies to manage all aspects of their studio audiences. For over 20 years, OCA has been responsible for procuring, casting and coordinating studio audiences for television's hottest shows all across the country.

Our website provides an opportunity for fans of those shows to obtain tickets and to enhance the studio audience.

For more information about On-Camera Audiences, Inc, please contact us at (818) 295-2700 or email us at tickets@ocatv.com.

For employment opportunities, submit your resume to jobs@ocatv.com.

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Tammy Strange Roach

On-Camera Audiences, Inc.

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Who doesn't LOVE Daniel Tosh?? We do...and so do LOTS of others. We are giving away tickets to Tosh.0 via lottery system this season..which means...YOU and your friends have an excellent shot at being in the live studio audience!! Sign up now! http://on-camera-audiences.com/shows/Tosh0

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Hey Las Vegas! Come be a part of the STUDIO AUDIENCE with Chris Harrison at the highly popular game show, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, at Bally's! Audiences are loving being on set and seeing the behind-the-scenes action of a television taping. ALL TICKETS ARE FREE! Must be 18 years of age. Show is only taping in Las Vegas for a limited time, so get your tickets now. See you there! http://on-camera-audiences.com/shows/Who_Wants_To_Be_A_Millionaire

On-Camera Audiences, Inc.

Lisa Bezinover Have emails already gone out for Big Brother on 7/28? Will be in LA and want to know if I still have any chance. Thanks.

Holly Smith How do you know if you got Comic Con Syfy tickets? I'm on the wait list. Thanks!

Brad Baader Got my voucher and will be in line bright and early Tuesday morn

Michael Harris I got tickets for Who wants to be a Millionaire in Las Vegas!! But I wonder......because according to the ticket, it is 3 30 min taping, do I actually have to stay in throughout the ENTIRE 3 taping (or how many they'll do tapings)? Could I least participate in 1 taping and leave?

On-Camera Audiences, Inc.

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