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World Star Hip Hop isn’t just a site, it’s a movement. It’s culture, comedy, music, news, girls, and a launching pad for some of today’s hottest urban talent. World Star finds the light in dark comedy. It shows the realest, rawest elements of life, and no matter how shocking, raunchy, or brutal some of those elements are, World Star can make it funny. And like the founder of the site says, this show is more Howard Stern than SNL. World Star TV goes hard.

World Star TV incorporates the same elements of the site into a weekly late night comedy format. Our host CP holds court in the World Star Studio with a live audience, celebrity guests, and funny friends at the bar. Clips serve as springboards for original in-studio comedy segments, sketches, and Man on the Street segments, which will be introduced by our friends at the bar who also star in the segments. Celebrity guests will join the hosts in every episode for conversations, comedy, and custom clip packages tailored to the guest’s public personas. The guest list will pull from a pool of the hottest names in rap today who get down with World Star.

All of these elements will combine to create a new late night experience that brings hard laughs and pulls no punches, building on the World Star brand and expanding the scope to showcase every dimension of the streets for the MTV2 audience.

This show is on hiatus.

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Studio Information

World Star TV studio
7303 Ethel Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Minimum Age:21+

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