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Lisa Ryan Hi, 8 of us did the AGT backstage in March and we are still waiting on our guaranteed tickets for the live shows in Radio City that we expected in May. Could you please let me know when we should receive these?

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @TVfansrock. Our Ticket Lottery winners are in: Megan Rossoni won tickets to @Midnight....Jay Zeilingold won tickets to American Idol.... Haley Lewin won tickets to Big Brother....Mark Samuel won tickets to Family Feud....Sean Weins won tickets to Let's Make A Deal....Whitney Taylor won tickets to So You Think You Can Dance....Kathleen Cardenas won tickets to The Price Is Right. Congratulations to all of our winners. You should receive an email notification before Wednesday, If you do not receive the notification, please email tickets@ocatv.com. This week's Ticket Lottery is now up! Click the Ticket Lottery Tab under our cover photo or click the link.(http://woobox.com/ws5cb7) Sign up for your chance to win Priority Tickets to your favorite show.

Merry Jo Dickey How can I purchase for American ninja worrier San Pedro ca

Ricki Bergman Where is my post? ricki

Ricki Bergman I want to say everyone that was part of On Camera Audiences were very nice and helpful. I was very disappointed in Wayne Brady and will no longer watch Let's Make a Deal. He comes across on TV as a really nice person but when you are there he is very business like and does not interact with the audience. We waited 5 hours to be on the show and as seniors we didn't care about actually being on but I watched the show every morning and wanted to meet him and Johnathan and no way was that going to happen. Too bad!! Ricki

Jeff George Do you respond to e-mails? I have sent several e-mails regarding turn-away tickets for American Idol and have not gotten a response.

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Hey New York and Tri-State TV fans....do you have your tickets yet to be part of the 2015 MACY's 4th OF JULY FIREWORKS SPECTACULAR? WE ARE TAPING ON JULY 2! Airs July 4th 8/7 on NBC Flo Rida http://on-camera-audiences.com/shows/Flo_Rida_LIVE_in_New_York

On-Camera Audiences, Inc.

Megan Rossoni On your website it asked me to refer to facebook for information on coming in from out of town to see a show, but I can't seem to find any information. I'm looking for tickets at the beginning of August. What should I do to plan ahead?

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