The Titan Games
Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 11:30pm

The Titan Games

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Dwayne Johnson's inspiring new athletic competition series offers everyday people the opportunity to step inside a thrilling arena and achieve the impossible. The men and women competitors who enter the Titan arena will have to take on challenges of epic proportions as they compete in incredible head-to-head battles designed to test the minds, bodies and hearts.

Each episode will feature six contenders facing off against the Titans in competition. If a contender rises to the occasion and defeats one of the Titans, they take their place and join the elite Titan group. But once one becomes a Titan, they must be victorious every week to keep their spot. In the epic season finale, the Titans battle it out against one another in the hope of becoming the last male and female standing.

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Irwindale Speedway
500 Speedway Dr
Irwindale, CA 91706

Minimum Age:13+

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