Spartan, NBC’s reality competition based on the world’s most grueling obstacle course, pits some of the country’s greatest athletes against each other in a winner take all competition!

Set on an insane outdoor course, teams of contestants, with the help of American Ninja Warriors, will battle each other on the course’s signature obstacles until one team is crowned winner and the ultimate Spartan… and you can be in the live audience!

THIS IS A CASTED EVENT and due to the nature of the set, anyone participating must possess the physical ability to stand for extended periods, walk up and down stairs as needed, follow verbal and visual instructions without assistance, and be in general good health without any conditions that would restrict or limit any of the above activities. By presenting yourselves for check-in you and your group members certify that you meet these requirements. This taping lasts approximately 5 hours from the arrival time on the voucher. Because of the nature of the course, at various points you will be required to sit, stand, and walk from one part of the course to the next.

This show is on hiatus.

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Studio Information

Chattahoochee Hills - Bouckaert Farm
9445 Browns Lake Road
Fairburn, GA 30213

Minimum Age:12+

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