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Emily Goeres Are any of the show times for 9/9/15 performance shows? Or are they result shows?

Tim Taylor When will tickets for the Sept. 16th taping of "America's Got Talent" be made available?

Kaitlyn Nycole Henderson Last year I came to Big Brother and the line cut off at me because they had so many special guest so I didn't get in. I've been watching big brother since I was about 8 years old, which would be season five. I hope apply for the show in the near future. I'll be in Los Angeles September 10th-21st, it would be amazing to get to come to the show.

Brianna Calello psssst. Big Brother tickets PRETTY PLEASE!

Trason Nicholas Fernandes how can i get tickets to the OCt 30th taping of the price is right?

Kumarie Francis

Lori Moskowitz Weisberg I found it very disappointing to arrive during my scheduled ticket time to find out that tickets were sold out with more than 30 minutes left in that time slot. When I asked how they ran out of tickets in the 1st 15 minutes I was told that people camped out at 9am. It was 12:45 and the 2:15 line was working it's way up the block. Wasn't the different pick-up times suppose to prevent this from happening? Am I suppose to request tickets for 4:15 next time and show up at 12:30 to guarantee that I get a ticket? I know that you give out more line-vouchers than you have tickets for. I am just very disappointed in what your ticketing system has become.

Michelle Jolley Buck

Dee Trippett Can't wait for tonight. America's got talent is the ULTIMATE yahooooooooo. See you there judges.

Deni Atmaja 16 Easy Camera Hacks That Will Turn You Into An Expert in Photography \/

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