HUB 1st Annual Halloween Bash

HUB 1st Annual Halloween Bash

The HUB Network’s 1st annual Halloween celebration is an action packed live event for the entire family!

The 1st Annual Hub Halloween Bash is a live spooktacular event for the entire family that celebrates Halloween in a ground-breaking television special.
Featuring performances by Cody Simpson and Fifth Harmony and hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Kenan Thompson, the special will celebrate the best of Halloween, including the first-ever nationwide costume competition as well as lots of entertaining tricks and treats for kids and their families. Celebrity presenters and judges include Bailee Madison, Rico Rodriguez, Hal Sparks, Keean Johnson, Nolan Gould, Zachary Gordon, Coco Jones, Martha Stewart and more!!
Don’t miss the chance to see it LIVE!

This show is for kids between the ages of 10 and 16 AND adults between the ages of 18 and 45. Kids will get to stand in the pit and parents will be seatfillers in the audience.

Kids should request tickets to the 4 PM PIT ARRIVAL and parents/adults should request tickets to the 4:10 PM SEATFILLER ARRIVAL. When requesting tickets for the pit, please only include the kids and when requesting tickets to be a seatfiller please only include adults.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL POTENTIAL AUDIENCE MEMBERS: Please read ALL of the below information so that you have a full understanding of the audience procedure and the audience policies and guidelines. All policies are strictly enforced! As this is a voucher to be part of the casted pit and seatfiller audiences, anyone participating must possess the physical ability to stand for extended periods, walk up and down stairs as needed, follow verbal and visual instructions without assistance, and be in general good health without any conditions that would restrict or limit any of the above activities. By presenting yourselves for check-in you and your guests certify that you meet these requirements.

DRESS CODE IN EFFECT! Make sure to read and follow the dress code noted below. YOUR ADMITTANCE DEPENDS ON IT. PLEASE wear comfortable shoes.

The pit is standing room only so please make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Kids will not be able to bring any bags, backpacks, or purses inside. You will either need to leave them at home or with your parents.

This taping will last until approximately 8 PM.

Tickets coming soon!

The special will tape on October 20th, 2013. Please submit your information below and we will contact you when more information becomes available.

Studio Information

Barker Hangar- Bundy lot
3121 S. Bundy Dr.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Minimum Age:10+

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