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Jeniffer Bedinotti I am looking for 4 tickets to any of the AGT live shows at radio city music hall... Is it possible to get 4 tickets, or is it always in groups of 2? Thank you!

Amy Jo Dolan Praying praying for tickets to LIVE Bachelor 2016 Finale……PLEEASE!

David Ball I would like 2 tickets the americas got talent show at radio city music hall on 8/19/15. When are tickets scheduled to be released?

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @TVfansrock. Our Ticket Lottery winners are in: Gabi Bourn won tickets to American Idol.... Stephanie Ralton won tickets to America's Got Talent Live at Radio City Music Hall....Sahra Samgissl won tickets to Big Brother.... Vickie Beasley won tickets to Family Feud...Patrick Massey won tickets to Let's Make A Deal....Alexis Turrentine won tickets to So You Think You Can Dance....Victoria Genin won tickets to The Price Is Right. Congratulations to all of our winners. You should receive an email notification before Wednesday, If you do not receive the notification, please email tickets@ocatv.com. This week's Ticket Lottery is now up! Click the Ticket Lottery Tab under our cover photo or click the link.(http://woobox.com/sm68e9) Sign up for your chance to win Priority Tickets to your favorite show.

Lill Licata Noonan I am attempting to get tickets for the Radio City tapings but according to your website I have already requested tickets (I did for last year not this year). How do I go about requesting tickets for this season?

Brysha K Tobias went to the family feud taping Atl May 26th, how do we find out when the show airs?

Debbie Kite Jones I have 2 extra tickets for the 27th

Melissa Bevans I will be in LA during the week of September 20th it appears a lot of shows are not taping... Do you know of anything that is happening that time.. I just want to see something... :(

Jess Moore Hi! I'm wondering when the America's Got Talent tickets will be released or people on the wait list will be notified for August and September dates? Thank you!

Jane H Rapp I would like 3 tickets to AGT. My fingers are crossed.

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