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On-Camera Audiences, Inc.

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Dancing With The Stars fans...HEADS UP! An email notification for the FINALE is going out today to the next people on the wait list. Be sure to check your Inbox and Junk Mail after 5:30 PM PDT

Jill Cruz

Jill Cruz

Sam Williams If I want to join the wait list or purchase tickets but I am not from the USA and I plan on getting tickets, what do I do when it comes to choosing a state?

Stacy Lyn will be going to see baggage on the road at palace theater in Waterbury, ct thurs. nov. 20. I really hope I am not sitting on top and get to see right in the front. anyone know any tricks?

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Our Ticket Lottery winners are in: Kyle Torrance won tickets to Baggage in Waterbury CT....Craig Taylor won tickets to Dancing With The Stars Finale... Albert Hernandez won tickets to Lets Make A Deal.....Sarah Sanders tickets to The Price Is Right....Kari Steffes won tickets to Tosh.0. Congratulations to all of our winners. You should receive an email notification before Wednesday, If you do not receive the notification, please email tickets@ocatv.com. This week's Ticket Lottery is now up! Click the Ticket Lottery Tab under our cover photo or click the link. (http://woobox.com/m9mwdh) Sign up for your chance to win Priority Tickets to your favorite show.

Katya Y Hi On-Camera Audiences, Inc. we had a DWS promo deal to get tickets for the November 17th show if we attend Let's Make a Deal show. We went to le't make a Deal this Thursday but haven't received the tickets for DWS yet. Please let us know what happened? My mom flew all the way from Texas for these two shows and with monday fast approaching I am very worried. Thank you so much!

Krista Danielle

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Are you looking for a one-of-kind dining experience on television? A culinary television show is hosting out-of-towners for a televised dining experience. The show is looking for people who are traveling to Los Angeles and represent the different regions of America or another country who can dine on Monday afternoon, November 17th, in Van Nuys, CA. If you are visiting Los Angeles and embody your hometown region in dress, accent, and mannerism, etc. we want you to dine! We are booking parties of 2 and 4 only. This is not a paid role. Food distribution cannot be guaranteed for every guest as food distribution is part of the show's competition element. All guests must be 21 and all requests must be accompanied by a photo of each guest in the party. If interested, please submit the following information to culinaryshow2014@gmail.com your contact information full names and photos of you and each member of your party list any food allergies in the group.

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