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Beverly Carr So happy I saw the email early this morning for Family Feud celebrity edition. I love me some Steve Harvey, can't wait to see the show. Priority too! Thanks much!

Larry Gong Are there any dress code requirements to be an audience?? I set for a taping in 1 hour.. could you please advise me ASAP???

H.j. Bern How do I cancel tickets? I had made a request for a specified taping which I now cannot attend

Laurie Stopyra Hi I went to the website to get AgT tickets and the ticket says priority ZBWDHWKGZG7ICGNBO YES but then reading below it says you had successfully received line voucher tickets... My question is this: is it a ticket into the show or just a line voucher to "possibly" get in the show? Please let me know when you can. Thanks!

Gloria Fernandez Where is the link to sign up into the lottery? Par I need tickets for America ninja warrior.

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @TVfansrock. Our Ticket Lottery winners are in: Kathy Villasenor won tickets to American Idol....John Coon won tickets to American Ninja Warrior in San Pedro....Russell Gates won tickets to American Ninja Warrior in Las Vegas....Alonzo Staley won tickets to Family Feud....James Bryant won tickets to Let's Make A Deal....Jillian Bird won tickets to So You Think You Can Dance....Anthony Tran won tickets to The Price Is Right. Congratulations to all of our winners. You should receive an email notification before Wednesday, If you do not receive the notification, please email tickets@ocatv.com. This week's Ticket Lottery is now up! Click the Ticket Lottery Tab under our cover photo or click the link. (http://woobox.com/frzisa) Sign up for your chance to win Priority Tickets to your favorite show.

Kat Chavez I've been on the waiting list for FOUR years for So You Think You Can Dance. I've had several friends be on the list for a season and get them!!! Even your website says wait is 3-24 months, that's a far cry from 48 months!!! What gives? Why don't you want me to go?? :((( I can't even try to use the friend that I would be going with's email address because I'm supposedly already "on wait list" and the join waitlist screen won't load for me to put in fresh information. I've tried from my laptop and from my phone!! PLEASE HELP!!! THANK YOU!!!

Teresa Bell We have line tickets to taping of family feud tomorrow at 12:45 what time should we be there in order to make sure we get in?

Lee Hutchison I was looking at going to a live recording when we are on holiday in LA but it won't accept my mobile number for inputting details. Why would this be?

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