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On-Camera Audiences, Inc. NBC's HIT show, Little Big Shots, hosted by Steve Harvey, is back and show tapings begin after the Fourth of July holiday! We still have GUARANTEED PRIORITY tickets left for all morning shows starting Tuesday, July 5th. HURRY before priority tickets are gone! Min. age is 14 to attend. Show tapes in Burbank at the iconic Warner Bros Studio. TON OF FUN! Click4tix:

Joy Dara Stephenson I've been to many of various shows through On-Camera and I have to say Let's Make a Deal is the best experience I've had yet!!! They have you wait in an air conditioned holding area with pl of seating and concessions that sell both healthy and junk foods, they tranport you to where the studio is and as you're waiting they have tent covering and plenty of bench seating against a wall so you have back support, pleasant toilet facilities and more concessions. You can even bring in your own food should you choose. This is the best waiting experience I've had yet. All the shows are fabulous!!! America's Got Talent, X Factor, Let's Make A Deal!!! I think I've seen more but I've forgotten. I must say I have enjoyed them all but as for the waiting Let's Make A Deal is a delight!!!! I would love to do it again and again and I had heard it was a horror. I was grossly misinformed!!!

Nancie A. Arroyo Attending the taping of The Match Game today at 3pm. Originally was supposed to be 4 of us, now today it is just me. How would I go about trying for priority? Please advise. Thnk you.

Brandon Major So is there a standby list where people can line up outside all day for an empty seat at a LIVE taping for their fave show (*cough* Big Brother)? It could take forever waiting on the waiting list.. And some people that have been emailed tickets won't even bother showing up (schedule conflicts, don't live in the area, etc. ) . I understand it's a popular show, but I am in need of only 1 ticket and would be willing to wait around all day for the chance to make it in the audience. Thanks

Judi DeLuca how do I cancel tickets for match game tomorrow, cannot attend

Michelle M Varela When is kids day show? Would like tickets for my daughter she is 8 years old

Pamm Bevan Has the lottery winner been posted for this week? Nothing coming up on your page... Thanks Pam

Anne Quint Hawley Why in the world is the minimum age for Little Big Shots 14? My 12 year old would love to go with his 16 year old brother and me! America's Got Talent and American Idol allowed 12 year olds. This is disappointing and wrong.

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Live at a taping of Let's Make A Deal! Book your tickets now and join the party -

On-Camera Audiences, Inc. Listen up Let's Make A Deal fans! We're going LIVE behind the scenes of a taping and we want you to join us. Come check us out around 2:45pm PST for some mid show fun!

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