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Unicorn Hunters

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With more than 14.5 million viewers worldwide, Unicorn Hunters aims to
become the most-watched and the most impactful business show in the
world. The show provides investors with transparent access to select pre-
IPO investment opportunities and boosts innovation by financing emerging
growth companies. It also provides an opportunity to invest in historically
marginalized or disenfranchised global entrepreneurs such as women,
minorities, and LGBTQ+.
On the show, founders looking to hit the coveted $1 billion valuation, pitch
the world and the Circle of Money made up of the likes of Steve Wozniak
(co-founder of Apple), Lance Bass (artist and investor), Rosie Rios (former
Treasurer of the United States), and Moe Vela (former Director of
Administration to Joe Biden) and more! Each episode features a guest
appearance from celebrities like NBA player Dwight Howard, powerhouse
mogul Bethenny Frankel and model icon turned entrepreneur Christie
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• Only individuals who are “up to date” on their vaccines will be considered fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Outlined below:
o 14 days after the last shot of a multi-dose vaccine (ie: Moderna, Pfizer)
o 14 days after receiving a single-dose vaccine (ie: Johnson & Johnson)
o 14 days after receiving the 3rd dose of Novavax, or AstraZeneca
o Immediately after receiving a booster shot
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• Medical exemptions for vaccines will need to be reviewed by the CCO for approval
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Studio Location

Television City Studios-Genesee gate
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90036

Minimum Age:18+

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