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Kathy's in bed with Bravo. Brace yourselves.

'Kathy' is the one-hour weekly pop culture talk show hosted by two-time Emmy winner Kathy Griffin. The original gossip girl will have a whole hour to deflate the egos of everyone who is anyone and those who think they're someone. Kathy will showcase Griffin's unique take on celebrities, co-workers, friends, politicians, and yes, even her own boxed-wine swilling mother, Maggie. She'll be burning the last of her already very few bridges, all while enforcing a clothing optional work environment.

This show is on hiatus.

Kathy is not currently taping. Please submit your information below and we will notify you when tickets are released. Thanks!

Studio Location

Television City Studios-Fairfax gate
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90036

Minimum Age:18+

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