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Nickelodeon's game show where contestants are put through games and puzzles that test their memory and comprehension skills as winners move on while those who don't get SLIMED!

Warning: Watching this show may make your brain explode. Hold on to the couch while you watch kids compete in quick-moving, mind-bending challenges. Host, Jeff Sutphen, guides the competitors through three levels of challenges. One wrong answer could mean a trip down the Brain Drain. Or a Face Wall suck. Kids who are eliminated do not leave empty-handed, but the winner gets the ultimate prize...a gigantic, messy, victory Sliming!

Watching BrainSurge is like participating as the audience is able to play along with all of the puzzles and stories and matching games.

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Seward Gate
1040 North Las Palmas
Los Angeles, CA 20038

Minimum Age:10+

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